Student Feedback

Program: University of Michigan, Department of Psychology
Role: Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)

Unbelievable GSI. He was passionate about the topic and well-informed. He was extremely timely in giving responses and clearly very organized. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He is also very personable and helpful outside of the classroom.

Eric cares a lot about this class, the content in the class, and his students. Eric has found a calling (not simply a job or career) and he excels at it. He is engaging and commands your attention, not simply demands it like many other classes.

Eric was one of the best GSIs I’ve ever had – the class was so comfortable and we were all so willing to share ideas.

The discussion section provided a wonderful avenue to discuss course content, and have small groups present on class material from the readings and lectures. Despite the discussion group being on a Friday afternoon, I looked forward to class every time and never felt saddened to be in class on Friday. Thank you Eric. You are a wonderful GSI and I wish you all the best with the rest of your studies. Thank you for caring about your students, and using a method that really works well in conveying this.

Loved this class! So meaningful!

Eric clearly had a lot of knowledge of the material and was very helpful in helping us to understand it well. If there was anything he was not entirely sure of, he would contact the professor and get back to us. He aimed to maintain a positive class atmosphere and really encouraged discussion and participation. He tried to make the discussion as interactive as possible. I really enjoyed having him as our GSI.

This was a very fun discussion. The GSI was very knowledgeable in regards to many things, including the material in the course. He brought in many of his own examples and had many people participate throughout.

The instruction was just great. Eric was a good leader, and he was always open for questions and class discussions. He presented material in an interesting way, and seemed very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

While the sections were a long two hours, Eric kept everyone interested and entertained.

This discussion section was great. Eric was a great GSI, very dedicated and prepared and always willing to help. He was friendly and always tried to answer hard questions to the best of his ability. His lesson plans were awesome-the activities we did in class really aided as tools to remember material on the exam. Overall, a great teacher

Eric was an excellent instructor for this course! Very encouraging to all students and open to new ideas. Best GSI!

Eric Kim is an incredible Instructor as well! I am very thankful to have been in his section, and I hope he will continue his research and eventually teach this class when the time is right for him. I look forward to studying Positive Psychology to the fullest possibility at UofM. Please consider offering Positive Psychology as a concentration in the near future. I plan on declaring Psych as my major soon and wish I could specialize in this subject. I am sure I am not the only one speaking my mind about this. I was informed on the last day of class that Penn offers a Positive Psych Grad Program…. Why can’t we offer it for undergrad? Please pass this on to Mary Sue Coleman : )

Pretty much the coolest class I have ever taken.

Eric was a great GSI, very knowledgeable and invested in the material that he was teaching. He went above and beyond to make the concepts relevant to our everyday lives.

Eric did an excellent job discussing themes and topics to the class. Above all, and what I found to be the greatest takeaway from the class, I learned ideas that are actually applicable to my life in everyday scenarios. This was my favorite part of the class, and I feel like Eric really emphasized that connection from class to life. Great job.

Eric was always extremely helpful and understanding. A great GSI!

I thought that whenever I had questions Eric did a wonderful job of not only answering them but providing me with different examples to be sure that I not only understood the specific question but also the topic as a whole.

Eric was wonderful and always willing to meet for extra help!

Eric was an excellent GSI. I had some struggles with this class and he was very easy to contact and work with when I had issues.

The course was well instructed and I felt the material was covered at a good pace. The presentations and activities were very engaging and interesting. It was one of the best classes I have taken.

Eric, you are an absolutely wonderful GSI! You’re very knowledgeable about positive psychology, and I can tell you’ve really taken what the class is all about to heart and applied it to your life as well! Even though section was at 8am, I looked forward to coming to discussion- you facilitated great conversation and made everyone feel comfortable to ask questions and speak up. Thanks for a great semester!

Discussions were great. Presentations were enjoyable and so were activities. Eric did a great job running discussion and truly creating a positive atmosphere. I am really glad I had the chance to be in his discussion!

Eric was one of the best GSIs I have had the University. He was always cheerful and made each discussion interesting. He was also very helpful in whatever I had questions about and was always available to meet outside of class.

Meaningful and engaging. Showed interest and respect for each student in the class.

Eric was an excellent GSI. He always seemed genuinely interested in what his students had to say. He was able to answer any and all questions and was open to all opinions. He was fair in his grading and was open to any questions or concerns. He exuded positivity, an extremely important quality to have in a class called “Positive Psychology.” Eric is one of my favorite GSIs I have had to date.

Eric has been an amazing GSI. He is a very genuine and caring person and always willing to help. If I have questions and cannot make office hours, he schedules meetings with me at other times during the week when I am free. He does well at thoroughly explaining information from lecture. This course, though interesting, has been a little more difficult for me because of the more abstract ideas and theories. Eric breaks it up so that I have a better understanding of the material. He is also encouraging when it comes to class participation and sharing our individual beliefs or opinions. He is never judgmental or says we are wrong, and it makes for a very warm and welcoming class atmosphere. I would say he is one of the best GSIs I have had the opportunity to learn from during my 4 years at U of M!

Eric has been one of the BEST gsi’s ever! Patient with students and explained material very well!

The quality of instruction in this course was good. Eric is reasonable and extremely helpful, you could tell he wanted to students to do well.

Eric was an awesome GSI, he was clearly always prepared for section and was extremely understanding of personal issues with one assignment when I was sick. He smiles a ton, which is great- we are talking about positive psychology after all. I would definitely request to have him as a GSI in the future.

Best class @ U of M, very inspiring class – I hope everyone takes this class. I am sure they get out with what they have been missing from other classes.

I thought that this class was very well done, and very interesting, Eric put a lot of effort into making that way

I really enjoyed having Eric as a GSI. His passion for the subject is contagious, and he made me eager to learn more new things about positive psychology. The only thing that I wish would have been done differently is that we reviewed things from lecture more, and that we did more exam prep.

Eric was always very clear and creative. He is one of the best experiences I’ve had with a GSI.

Superb. I wish all classes would be of equal caliber. By far the best class I have taken in my three years here.

He was really passionate about the material and found new and creative ways to present it in discussion.

Eric was a wonderful GSI. It was obvious that he cared about each student. He was willing to meet outside his office hours if a student was not able to attend the normal office hours. In addition, he made the discussion interesting. Each student participated in the weekly discussions because Eric was supportive and respectful. Overall, he was one of the best GSI I have had.

Eric Kim is an excellent teacher! He is extremely sincere, and clearly passionate and enthusiastic about the subject (Positive Psychology) and about teaching. He offers extra time and attention to any student who wants it. Also, he encourages students to apply what they learn, and demonstrates how to use Positive Psychology principles outside the classroom.